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We Carry The Biggest Selection Of  Vape Juice

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Let’s be honest. Vaping is complicated! Milligrams, Milliliters, Ohms, Volts, etc … it can have something of a steep learning curve. We carry over 200+ different Vape Juice


We carry a wide range of Glass work and Accessories. Grab one of our simple pieces or upgrade to something unique.

Water Pipes

Water pipes are the most popular method of smoking. The water helps filter and cool down the smoke making it a more enjoyable experience



Whatever your personality, we are sure to carry a hookah to suit it. Choose from a wide selection of hookahs, tall or short; traditional or modern; single-hose or multiple hose.


We carry a selection of Men and Women’s Apparel from Hats, Hoodies, Shirts, Backpacks, and much more we’ve got all your smoke related clothing covered.

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Buzzn Smoke &

Gift Shop


Buzzn Gift & Smoke Shop, when you are looking for anything Smoke related we are the place for you. We carry Pipes, Water Pipes, Hookah, Vaporizers Dry & Concentrated. Stop by the shop and you’ll be blown away with our wide range of items. Come smoke with us. 

Our Brands

We carry a massive selection of premium brands for you, anything you can think of we’ve got it and if by the very small chance we don’t we’ll have something in store even better for you. Come check out some of our amazing artistic pieces in store, see you soon.

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