Let's get buzzed

Buzzn has a large inventory of glass pipes for sale because we know many of our customers prefer smoking from a pipe. Whether you want a basic piece or something a little more special, we have a glass smoking pipe for you! Many of our pipes are works of art! We have pipes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles and prices. Whatever your budget, we can help you find the perfect pipe to enjoy. With such cool pipes from so many different brands, you will not be able to wait to start smoking with your new purchase!

One of the most common (and comfortable) ways to toke is by glass pipes. All glass hand pipes have a bowl where you pack your legal herbs or tobacco, a carb hole is usually located beside the bowl, cover this as you light your bowl and release when you’re ready to take a rip! Since glass doesn’t conduct heat, the mouthpiece never gets hot so you can enjoy extended periods of time just toking away! Pleasantly portable and never lacking character with Buzzn’s Pipe immense selection of DESIGNS and STYLES [character themes, detailed masterpieces, color accented, SPOON pipes, fumed colored glass, heady glass, PAPA pipes, dichroic accents, animal themes, frosted surfaces, and cleverly disguised pipes] you’ll want to just get them all!  Find the perfect glass hand pipe that gets you Buzzn and keep your smoking experience fun!

We are located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Hope to see you seen for all your smoking needs.